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Old George



          The 'Old George Coffee' brand is a tribute to my mentor.


Arguably the best coffee man in the southern hemisphere, coffee consultant

George Kepper.


George was in his 70's when in early 1987,

after taking over the Woodward St Belaroma shop, I first spent time with him in the Sydney Roseville Belaroma Coffee Roasting shop.

On that occasion we spent several hours going over the finer details of coffee roasting on the 12 kg. Bath Menadino roaster, followed by a cupping session in a very small kitchen with much slurping and spitting as we tasted and commented on the roasts we had done and some other coffee's from the Kenneth Road Belaroma factory.


On several visits to Sydney over the next few years I took samples of my New Zealand version of Belaroma Supreme and gratefully received his comment,

'its perfect! You've done it!'

The joy that we felt as two coffee fanatics tasting a great blend is hard to explain.


Sadly he passed away peacefully in his sleep one Sunday after doing the roasting

at the Roseville shop for Monday.

Rest in peace George your enthusiasm lives on in every cup of coffee!



Tony Gibbs.


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